the mummies on the bus

so people always say that children grow up and learn so fast and everyone goes yeah yeah yeah, well you know what? blooming heck they were right!

seriously, i only found out i was pregnant yesterday and then within a blink of an eye and a sneeze ronnie is 2 1/2 and we are having such conversations as:

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ace cafe

today i was introduced to the ace cafe. why has it taken for me to get to 30 something and a little more something, years of age and only to have just discovered it.

it’s ace!

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everything stops for tea

now, i have been a fan of tea for a long long time. from the very first cup in the morning, to a cheeky cup in the afternoon with a naughty bit of something on the side to help it all go down just nicely.

i’m not a fussy girl, good old builders is fine. splash of milk no sugar, thank you very much.

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eating out with friends used to be quite simple; ronnie was always pretty well behaved in comparison to some and actually quite a joy, as he would scoff down anything you care to give him. watching other mothers & fathers struggle to feed their slightly feral brood with even the simplest of foods was always sad to see, and I often wondered whether they were wondering “why did we bother”.

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