what a mug

so when kate takes 5 challenged us to the listography of our five favourite mugs i listed a fair few more, i appear to have mug issues. i was therefore awarded with best collection of mugs award *bows to standing ovation*

kate was amused to the fact that i had won one mug. one mug outside of a collection how could that be? one on it’s own, no buddies. do not fear my new addition will now be my work mug and will be mine all mine i will be it’s buddy.

my new mug was kindly donated by a company called name art. thank you. i do love my new mug. i have already christened it and it will be coming with me tomorrow to it’s new home in high street kensington.

have a look at others on kate takes 5 click on the link below


above average?

so last week i delved into my coat pocket to be starkly reminded of what our child care costs amount to each month. OUCH. i spoke on the radio about it and the lovely people at LBC fell over in shock. it is indeed more than our mortgage.

today in the press and on the news there were numerous articles/reports on how nursery costs are rising by nearly 6%, and that fewer families are now getting any help at all with these, following the childcare tax credit cuts back in april.

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a tale of two sisters

it’s a glorious sunday. we have all had a lazy morning, nice long sleeps, lolloping around in jim jams drinking tea and then a spectacular fry up to ease the grown ups slightly banging heads.

the smalls grab their coats and shuffle on their wellies over their jammas and dash out into the garden with cracker the lemon beagle pup. they bound around with complete giddiness. they settle on the decking, sitting along the front swinging their little legs. the still sun light hangs in the air as their giggles fade away.

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