the great big gig in the sky

a gig meme! well hello. i love music i do. i like lots of different types of music. i can play lots of different instruments, not all very well though. it started with my parents who brought me up in a house continuously full of music. they both play guitar, my mum classical spanish stuff and the occasional la bamba and my father on his fender bashing out a bit of eric claptons, well maybe not just his but derek and the dominoes, leyla, whilst my mother jumps round the room like a loon, her name is leyla. this was my childhood. as i grew up and entered the early years of adulthood, i went on to work in the greatest pub in the world. the castle in brentwood. brentwood essex. yes home of the sugar hut, but before all that nonsense kicked in brentwood was a melting pot of punks, rockers, goths & ravers. the castle was a heady mix of everyone and the focus was on music. such a great place. however it most certainly is not now.

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dear all

it is less than 48 hours until we all gather at britmums 2012. there has been overwhelming discussion about what to outfits to wear. will it be sunny or rainy? should you wear heels or flats? are you sprucing up for the bibs or just going with the flow?

anyway after much deliberation we have come to a decision. i take great pleasure in revealing that for britmums you will easily be able to identify the following outstanding bloggers by our very unique and understated and sophicated ensemble.

in no particular order may i introduce @motherventing @notsoslummy @fivegoblogging @mummybarrow @melkshammum and myself @HPMcQ