365 02.04.13

today has been about keeping busy and distracted

which was lucky as ronnie’s big bed arrived today

now, not one to say, but i’m rather nifty with a flat pack

there was no way that i could possibly wait until 6.30

when Mr HPMcQ got home to put it all together

ronnie was too excited and the flat packs were staring at me

they were making me twitch

tah dah!

i am the queen of flat packs, please bow before me

ronnies mid sleeper

(we are going to make a den underneath)


  1. April 2, 2013 / 19:33

    Woah! Go you!!! Wicked bed BTW, we have a midi sleeper for Maxiboy and he LOVES it, now he is nearly 10 he has bean bags underneath to chill out with his mates and play guitar!!!

    • hpmcq
      April 2, 2013 / 19:37

      i do all the D.I.Y in the house oliver does all the cooking! we are a bit topsy turvy like that!
      we are going to make a den underneath too. we just bought a set of drawers to go at the end and that’s plenty storage for the moment. have saved his cotbed mattress and have wrapped it in a faux fur and i’m going either get bean bags like you said or some massive cushions.
      hopefully we will have a spot of rockstar guitar practice rocking on underneath too!

  2. April 2, 2013 / 22:45

    Not only the queen of flatpacks but super strong too! That must have been heavy!
    Love the bed Ronnie!

    • hpmcq
      April 3, 2013 / 08:28

      i’m a determined lady that’s for sure!

    • hpmcq
      April 3, 2013 / 08:26

      it’s from feather and black, it’s the archie cabin bed. lots of options for storage underneath. really pleased with it.

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