365 19.11.14

today i stumbled across this handsome little fella. i had no idea what he was, other than a snazzy looking paddington. then i came home and googled him and discovered that in london right now there is a paddington trail all the way up to 30th december. it’s to celebrate the arrival of “paddington” in cinemas on 28 November.

i then discovered that this little fella isn’t actually part of the official trail but you should go and see him anyway, as he has quite a lovely story.

maya bear was designed by 13-year-old maya who won a competition sponsored by the NSPCC, and it sits outside the main NSPCC london office. in her own words, maya’s paddington represents not only the children that the NSPCC has helped but also represents adults and children working hand in hand together to create a safe world for children.


  1. November 21, 2014 / 18:20

    I’m loving the sound of the Paddington Trail – maybe you, me and Grenglish should go on a Paddington trail as our next Honkopoly-esque walk around London….?? xx

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