my nanny, minnie hurley is 91. she had a fall and ended up in hospital today. hurt her back poor thing, really big nasty angry bruise. she had X-rays nothing is broken, which is great, but the poor thing is in so much pain. i can’t bear it. it makes me so sad.

i know i’ve been a lucky girl, i had all 4 of my grandparents right up until i was nearly 30. that doesn’t happen often. poppa and abuelo passed some time ago now, just the girls left now, mi abuela soledad and my nanny minnie.

my nanny minnie is very very dear to me, i love her so much. but she is 91 and when things happen like this i just know that there really can’t be much time left with her. she won’t let me do things for her, she’s very independent, i clearly get my stubbornness from her. she’s a tough east end girl, she has always done everything for herself and that’s how she wants it even now. but she’s 91 and i don’t think she realises that. i don’t think she realises that it’s not a fail if i help, it’s not a fail if i getting her some shopping. she just won’t accept any help at all.

her sons both live abroad, so really it’s only me and oliver. she loves oliver dearly but she won’t let him help either.

what am i to do? i can’t tell her what to do, i have too much respect for her. i just worry that she is putting her self at risk and i could stop that but she just won’t let me. it might be selfish of me but i want her to be around as long as possible because we love her.

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