can there ever be such a thing as too many shoes?

surely not i hear you say, never too many shoes

well the other day @verybusymama posted a blog with regards to her love affair with her shoes. it was a sad affair, and it end badly.

she signed off with share your shoe story which made me think about my shoes.

i have a lot of shoes. (don’t tell oliver i just said that) too many shoes perhaps (definatley don’t tell him that!) i thought that maybe i would just write a quick post about me and my love for shoes and perhaps take a few pictures and show you my favourites.

oh. perhaps not.

i opened my wardrobe and started riffling through the boxes. then i had a look in the wardrobe in the spare room, more boxes, then i had a look under the bed, you’ve guessed it more boxes. i didn’t bother heading up into the loft as i knew what i would find, yep more boxes. i then did a rough calculation in my head 1+1+1…….= too many shoes? no never surely? that can’t ever be the case, too many?.

shoes are marvellous. shoes can make you feel absolutely fabulous. shoes are my friend. no you can never have too many shoes. FACT

here are some of my favourites, why don’t you share you favourites with us too.


  1. January 18, 2012 / 22:08

    Oooh my *drooling* I have tears in my eyes…shoes just make you feel wonderful! I am especially loving the first pair – wowza! Good thing your feet didn’t change, but I think I’m making up for all the lost shoes and finding new styles.

    • January 18, 2012 / 22:18

      i couldn’t wear any of these for about a year as i had general fatness to deal with and didn’t feel particularly stable in any of them!

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