chirstmas walk at sandringham

every year we leave london and head to the norfolk coast. it’s a bit like a reset button, leaving the old year behind and welcoming the new year with a clear head and a belly full of food. in all the years that we have been coming to norfolk we have never actually been to sandringham. we had heard it was really quite pretty and the open spaces around good for walk but never been. at this time of year the house isn’t open, i hear they have guests, but the woodland and trails around it are. so we wrapped up warm and went for a little wander, well a 5k wander it turns out. here’s a few snaps taken along the way.

sandringham bears

sandringham hugs

sandringham hide and seek

sandringham adventure

sandringham split your difference

sandringham door

sandringham trees

sandringham fallen

sandringham red furry tree

sandringham stone

sandringham trail

sandringham mud

sandringham statue

sandringham old fern

sandringham squat

sandringham sunlight

sandringham EIIR

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