do i need a spready for that?

ok i admit it, i have a problem

actually many would say that i have more than one, but today, right now, i think i might need to address just the one

my name is HPMcQ and i am an addict

i am addicted to creating a spread sheet for everything and anything that can think of

there you go

i’ve said it

phew, done

you see the problem really started with my work. i need a spready to keep me on track. you see i develop stuff, nice stuff. we track everything on a spread sheet including a slightly silly critical path yawn yawn yawn

but then these spread sheets appeared in my life outside of work, and not just the one, an army of them

thing is we moved house, i made a spready

we got married, oh yes a spready was made and i can tell you exactly how many canopies you need per guest and how many glasses of champagne to the guest and to the bottle!

we built half a house (half you say, the rest already existed you see), the spready was invaluable, saved us 15 grand, happy days

we had a baby, yep the peanut shopping list was created. you see i walked in to mothercare, somewhere i had never ventured before and within moments of wandering around i burst into floods of tears and ran for the hills. so much stuff, what was it? do i need it? so i interviewed 4 friends, made massive lists of all their suggestions. anything that crossed over was clearly essential and everything else i went back with more questions of do i really need it? what for?

i split it all out into sections, hospital, nursery, sleep time, bath time, out and about. so now i had a clear shopping list and check list of what was what and how much money it was all going to cost. scary bananas eh?

then there is christmas. yep have a spready for that too. i have documented who, what, & budget for the last 7 years or so. no-one gets the same thing ever again, genius

ronnies pirate party, oh yes a spread sheet

my friend casually asked me what bed linen she should buy for her new bedroom. she got a fully comprehensive spready back on how to make the perfect bed. she also ended up spending around 2000 pounds too, so perhaps no one should ever ask me that question again, as i really do know how to make the perfect bed!

now my latest spready is for ronnies nursery, pre-school and secondary school. you see ronnie had his assessment for admission yesterday, and i’m pretty sure they were impressed with his first statement of “i have two outfits and one of them is a skeleton”. well when we got home i thought it get on to my faithful mac and roll up the numbers. i really wish i hadn’t, the grand total has rocked up at £266,000 ouchio. i think maybe my addiction has now gone too far and now i know things, that actually, i was best not knowing at all…….


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