i have been tagged by mum of one on the meme started by Claire from A Boy with Asperger’s. i believe that somewhere along the road the rules below have been tweaked, but it wasn’t me honest guvna! and anyways are rules meant to be bent or broken?

but before i start her are the rules:

  • Answer as honestly or dishonestly as you wish.
  • Link back to me in your post.
  • Leave me a comment below to let me know you have done it

1. favourite book?

bit a cheat here but there’s three but they are one story can that count?

a child called it

the lost boy

a man called dave

dave pelzer’s story of his childhood, growing up with an alcoholic mother. beaten and starved. tortured by his mother, a mother that left one of her sons nearly dead. he lived in a cot in the basement and ate his food from a dog’s bowl. he only survived by the dream he would find a family that would love him. as a boy he is fostered and you follow dave’s journey through foster-care system. as a man he revisits his past and confronts his father and his mother.

2. first famous crush?

oh crikey this was embarrassingly boy george. i know barking up the wrong tree, i know that now, but at the time i was besotted and didn’t really understand the whole gay/straight thing. i just thought he was fantastically different and i loved him deeply. i once went to a new years “do” in some warehouse somewhere not too sure where, but i met him he was waiting to go on for a dj set and we chatted, he was rather lovely and he was really rather nervous he hadn’t been dj’ing long. he popped on stage for his first tune to be spun and out blasted musical youth my first piece of vinyl that i had bought. now that’s what dreams are made of, what a night

3. worst film ever watched?


kim basingner and jason statham

words can’t describe this film

The food and drink section:

4. red or white?

always red, i’m a spaniard, protos all the way

5. chicken or fish?

fish how can it be chicken? chicken is chicken, fish spans so much. prawns – lobsters, tuna – salmon, calamari – whitebait oh yes definitely fish

6. still or sparkling?

still. i just don’t get sparkling tastes kinda funny mummy

The bloggity-blog section:

7. favourite post written by you?

i wrote about my friend louise, who last june was rushed into hospital with a brain tumour. louise is such a wonderful lady, i love her dearly. she is still in the throes of chemotherapy and will be marrying or university sweetheart finally after 20 years this april.

8. favourite post read in the last week?

regaining my life by innocent charms chats, please take a read

9. the blog you think we should ALL be following?

mammasaurus for sure, do i even have to explain why? well ok the woman is a genius, pure genius

You are nearly there.  Deep breaths.  The FINAL section:

10. favourite song?

son of a preacher man, no pause for thought, brilliant

11. your best joke?

what do you call a fish with out an eye? fsh

12. mahahaha…..you are done!

wooooooo hooooooooo *flips backwards*

1.  if you had the day off tomorrow and had it all to yourself, what would you do?

2. shoes or handbags?

3. milk or dark chocolate?

4. sahm, wahm or bottom?

5. mac or pc?

6. why did you start blogging and was it what you expected?

7. what your favourite kind of holiday sun or adventure?

8. who has most fun blondes or brunettes?

9. are you happy?

10. cake or biscuit?

11. favourite boozy refreshment?

now to pass the meme on i need to tag one or two or eleven, if you;ve already been tagged please ignore, if you haven’t been tagged and you’re not in the list why not just join in anyhow

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over and OUT laters


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