going solo

quick post to say i’m going solo. nothing dramatic, what i really mean to say is that i’m going self hosted, not nearly as much drama. i’m not really sure what this might entail and what happens whilst it’s all occurring. i’m not sure why i’m doing it really, i have been talked pretty much into it by a friend who knows what she is doing, so i’ll trust her judgement. there has been much chatter in the twitter verse about self hosting and many posts and how too’s being blogged over the last couple of months so perhaps i’m just following the trend.

in the meantime please bear with me whilst i learn the ropes.

fingers crossed everything will move on friday the 4th of may. i’m acutely aware that when this move happens, all of you lovelies that follow me via wordpress or any other means will disappear and vamoush as such. therefore in the lead up to friday if you do want to continue following me please select either the button that says “follow my babble via email” or if you are part of the blogloving community you could follow me through my blog lovin button

they look like this


if your reading this in menu form they are just on the left, just over there in the side bar, to the left and down a bit, see them? and press…. if you are in the post itself you will need to press babble and you will see them appear in the side bar.

you could also take this opportunity to stop listening to the nonsense that i spout, so take it and run for the hills!


  1. April 30, 2012 / 19:38

    Ah, good for you! I did it at end Jan and it is a real pain at the time but I am happy now it’s done xx

    • May 1, 2012 / 19:32

      well it means you can play around much more with your templates, and get the look you really want without having to conform to someone else’s design, so you have more control and flexibility. you can use a wordpress as self hosted so can use the bank of different plug ins to create your perfect blog. you own your own domain, so you can therefore then have your own emails connected to the blog. if you wanted you can have paid advertisers and posts as wordpress don’t allow this normally. ermmmmmm i’ll let you know how it goes could be hideous and i should have stayed put!

        • May 1, 2012 / 21:44

          Keeps making me laugh! Find myself Di randomly staring and looking about because I can. Find myself squinting at stuff I don’t need to squint at anymore because I can see it. All very odd in a very fantastic way!

          • May 1, 2012 / 21:54

            ha thats great. i kinda do the same but wearing my glasses, then taking them off…observing how bad my eyes really are lol

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