i’ve not got a beard like daddy…..

so this is the deal

both oliver and i work full time, blooming hard too. my role is the nursery run in the mornings and evenings. oliver gets ronnie up and ready whilst i’m getting up and ready, then rooster and i are off!

in the evening i then hop dash out of work, bomb it across town for pick up before the fines kick in for lateness. then we normally sing our way home in the car. whizz up some culinary genius in the kitchen, ronnie is very keen on a bowl of olives before any meal, i think he is rather partial to the cocktail sticks, so he’ll have these whilst i’m putting together din dins for us both. then relax until daddy comes home.

oliver makes sure that he is home every night for bath time splishy splash. this is oliver and ronnies time every night they have great fun, and thank goodness for under-floor heating as it’s a normally a swimming pool after all the fun and frolics.

this evening however ronnie made quite an observation. i’m not really too sure why he hasn’t made it before actually. to put you in the picture, i was undressing ronnie and oliver was also getting undressed over by his wardrobe. a partially naked oliver turned towards us both and ronnie exclaimed:

ronnie : mummy i’ve not got a beard like daddy!

hpmcq : you haven’t got a beard?

ronnie : yes mummy i’ve not got a beard

ronnie was pointing at his goolies at the same time, where there was a distinct lack of beard x

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  1. actuallymummy
    December 16, 2011 / 19:24

    Ooooh *sqirms*. You really ought to link this up to my #funee post – it’s a classic!

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