minnie hurley

let me introduce you to minnie hurley

my dad’s mum, my nanny and ronnies nanny minnie

she’s great and she has just turned 90 years of age


she doesn’t like fuss, she’s an east end girl born and bred. she has 2 sons that at times in their childhood tested her to her limits and those of the nurses in the local hospitals. boys will be boys! sadly thomas has passed but minnie is still strong and we love her lots. so what to do when no fuss is allowed? well we ordered balloons (we like balalloons), cake stands, pretty plates and a spot of bunting. and together with lots of yummy food and homemade cakes, gathered the troops and rang her door bell and took a surprise party to her house. pretty it was, yummy indeed and most of all happy times for minnie hurley in the comfort of her own home, a trend phenomenon a “pop up” party!

happy birthday minnie hurley x


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