there’s a situation that has been bothering me for a while. it’s all a bit silly really, and much fun has been poked at me for it. you see i have slight paranoia over getting rid of undergarments. i mean what are you meant to do with your old knick knacks and brassieres? i bizarrely have no memory of what i may have done in the past with them either.

you see this all started after i had ronnie, i have a slightly vulgar amount of underwear. it was when i was a single filly and it was the thing i just loved to buy (and shoes of course). plus a good friend of mine was a lingerie buyer for many years and didn’t do anything to discourage me either. lucky for me i was sample size too, so on the odd occasion something beautiful might come my way, to user trail… anyhow, this copious collection has been nestling away in the spare bedroom, no longer being used as since ronnie has appeared on the scene my body if different. very differnet. i now have boobies. not massive knockers, but quite different from the ones i had before. my old bras just about cover my nips, and that’s not a great look.

a couple of months ago i decided to finally get rid, get shot, sling them out, pack them up and put in the bin. then a conversation at work freaked me right out. a girl who sits just across from me was in mid conversation about undergarments when she said that she had her house mates bra on and would often borrow her underwear if she didn’t have anything clean. well, i very nearly fell off my chair. why would you do that? why would you wear someone elses pants? surely that is not right? it made me feel a tiny bit icky. the thought of someone wearing my undies, turned my stomach. i wasn’t alone, but there was quite a number of revelations of such sharing. i was shocked.

later that evening when i got home, it was still playing on my mind, so when i started to pack up my pants ready to turf them out, questions were running through my head ten to a dozen.

what if i put these in the bin and someone finds them? would they wear them?

i can’t put them in the bin outside my house because then they will know that they are my knickers?

i can’t recycle them as i now know that some are happy to wear others pants? eurgh

the dilemma, the paranoia…

my bras and knickers, sat in the bag for many weeks, whilst i pondered how i was going to get rid of my undergarments. i found no conclusion. that bag sat alone on the landing.

finally last week, i did it.

a friend came over for dinner, and later that evening i drove her to the nearest tube so she would get home directly and safely. i lobbed the bag in the boot. i had decided that if i was going to bin the items, i needed to do it away from where i lived and nobody would know me from adam. so after the drop off, i drove around for a while trying to find the ideal location. bit bonkers eh? and then i spotted the big commercial bin. i stopped, i jumped out, the bag went in and i swiftly drove off. operation panty drop complete.

i came home, told mr HPMcQ with glee that i finally had done it, to which he said “i bet some old tramp has got those on his head already” mmmmmmm i didn’t sleep much that night.


  1. December 15, 2012 / 21:03

    well you can recycle bras and they go off to other countries where you wouldn’t know who was wearing them… as for knickers – household waste, one pair at a time so they’d never be quite sure who they’d belonged too… *sniggers*

    • hpmcq
      December 15, 2012 / 22:18

      but someone would still be wearing them and it’s kind of gives me the hibby jibbies…..

  2. December 15, 2012 / 21:31

    *Gasp* People wear other peoples’ knickers? I have the same dilemma with my old ones too – and I can’t remember what I do either! You’re a good few sizes smaller than you were though, aren’t you my friend. And I don’t mean THAT kind of friend that I want to wear your pants 😉 X

    • hpmcq
      December 15, 2012 / 22:23

      shocking behaviour isn’t it!

    • hpmcq
      December 17, 2012 / 07:22

      Actually we always used to use my dads pants as dusters…

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