i have tried to write this post a million times over in the last couple of days, but every time i start, i stop. the saatchi bill, previously called medical innovation bill has impacted me more than i could have ever imagined. this time last week i knew nothing about it, now i know a lot more about it, and it has touched a very strong chord with me. let me give you a very short overview of the meeting that i attended at the houses of parliament on monday just gone.

the meeting

lord saatchi, professor andy hall, debbie binner, michael ellis, daniel greenberg & dominic nutt called a meeting at the houses of parliament to take time to talk to a group of bloggers, and speak to us in detail about the bill. to share their stories with us and our stories with them. to give us detail on the bill and answer any questions that we may have, in advance of the bill having its first reading in the house of commons on the 11th of september and  of what effect of this bill could be if passed.

lord saatchi opened the meeting with a powerful statement, where i immediately knew that the next hour was going to be hugely emotional for all in the room.

“all cancer deaths are wasted lives, current law represents an impediment to finding a cure. doctors must adhere to standard procedures. the treatments/procedures followed are 30-40 years old. they are relentless, medieval, degrading and ineffective”

it has not yet been three months since i have said goodbye to the gorgeous louise, even if a little bit messy. immediately these words hurt me. immediately i knew these words were true. i wasn’t strong enough on monday to tell my story of why i was there. i have tried to tell you my story now in this post of why i was there, but i’m not ready. louise was an incredible woman. i am honoured to have been her colleague, her friend, her neighbour, her partner in crime of eating all things cake. louise didn’t get an option. louise didn’t get any innovation. louise would want to support this bill.

the bill and why we need it

the saatchi bill is designed to help doctors innovate, so that they can advance in medical science and find new and better treatments, even potentially cures for diseases and conditions including cancers. it will allow good doctors to deviate away from standard procedures and encourage them to innovate sensibly, in a contained and measured way, with the patients consent and with the protection of the law. it will also expose bad doctors who act in a reckless way and do not go through the correct procedure and acts alone.

patients will be able to demand much more than the standard treatments from their doctors. armed with this type of legislation, a patient and doctor can challenge the status quo, and present to the ‘multi-disciplinary team’ or MDT, using innovative alternatives when standard procedures are not thought to be effective and that this deviation would be a good thing to do.

current law defines negligence as a deviation from standard procedure, but as innovation is deviation, non-deviation is non-innovation. the current law is a barrier to progress. under present law, any deviation by a doctor from standard procedure is likely to result in a verdict of guilt for medical negligence. and this is why there is no cure for cancer.

so there you have it, a short overview. i do apologise that it’s short, poor show i know, i’ve added some links below so that you can read some more. i’m struggling right now with the what could have been for louise. but this bill can change the what could be for many many others. please can we ask for your support in getting this bill passed so that we can all look forward to an innovative future.

you can down load the bill here

you can follow on twitter @SaatchiBill hashtag #saatchibill

you can email your local MP to encourage them to support the bill too, it only takes one to shout object and everything grinds to a halt.

posts by bloggers in attendance

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read more about the bill in press coverage links below:







  1. September 12, 2013 / 13:33

    So sorry again for your loss, Louise sounds like an incredible woman, friend, mother, wife. So unfair that she didn’t get the chance to have an alternative option such as might be available if things were different. I must confess I didn’t know anything about the Saatchi Bill until I just read this, so thank you for sharing the info and getting me switched on to it. Definitely happy to support xx

    • September 12, 2013 / 19:44

      I knew nothing either until last week, I am so grateful that it has been brought to my attention and I can do something to help. What this could do to change the future of medical practice is pretty overwhelming when you really think about the options.

      Louise was the best x

  2. September 12, 2013 / 14:03

    I’ve been an emotional mess since Monday. I was surprised how much being in that room affected me. I guess you start to think what if and you marvel at the potential for finding a cure. Wish I’d given you a massive hug. Look after yourself xxx

    • September 12, 2013 / 19:46

      I’ve thought of nothing much else since, the #saatchibill is exactly what is needed to give cancer a run for its money and some! X

  3. September 13, 2013 / 12:04

    I’m so sorry to hear about your friend Louise.

    Thank you for coming along on Monday – together we can make a difference for all patients.

    Many thanks,


    • September 15, 2013 / 16:40

      to hear how far we have reached already is amazing. you have my total support thank you for my invitation i feel hugely privileged to have been a part of monday x

  4. September 14, 2013 / 14:22

    So important that this Bill gets passed through parliament. THanks for explaining it

    And big hugs for your friend Louise’s passing. I remember that happening and know how devastating it was for you all. Much love. .

    • September 15, 2013 / 17:59

      thank you mummy barrow, there shouldn’t be these “wasted lives” hopefully we can get the bill passed and step closer to finding a cure x

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