shit weekend

so how was your weekend? good i hope, over too quickly i suspect? ours was pretty shit really, literally shit, as in full of it, yep that’s right shite of the pooh pooh doo doo kind. it hit us from every angle it possibly could.


autumn is a lovely time of year. the tress look amazing and the colours of the leaves are outrageous. so when walking along the leafy streets of dulwich the pavements were plentiful of fallen autumn leaves. huge piles of them everywhere you looked, so the three of us waded in with glee, kicking them high in the air. lots of fun and laughter was had and then in the car we jumped away from the cold night air. it wasn’t until we got back out the car, that i noticed that oliver had leaves stuck on the back of his jacket, i then noticed that the leaves were stuck on with a big old dollop of dog poop. ooppppps in our leaf kicking frenzy i had managed to kick dog shit all the way up my husbands barbour jacket. que detol wipe frenzy.


after a succesful saturday out on ronnies first bike, we trotted back over to the park for round two. ronnies confidence is building fast, amazing how kiddies learn things so quickly. as we were speeding along the footpath of the park, oliver launched after ronnie desperate to guide him from speeding through a huge pile of doggy poop kindly left behind by a one careful owner. in his urgency of trying to guide ronnie away from the poop, which ronnie skillfully did by him self, oliver skidded the whole way through it. his face was a picture, and i was rolling around laughing as any good supportive wife would!

sunday night/monday morning

4.20am and rooster is screaming out in distress from his room. i’m up and out of the bed before i know it and skidding through the doorway of his room. launching towards his bed i scoop him up, only to be greeted with a handful of something warm and sticky. oh yes for some reason ronnie had done a big old turd in his bed in his sleep, and he woke up to find himself covered in shite. this was now covering my hands, his hands, most of the bottom half of his body, all over his bed it was, all in all, a poomergency!

so there you have it, our shit weekend.


    • hpmcq
      November 19, 2012 / 13:01

      luckily we have the same sense of humour so at 5am this morning when we all got back into beds not full of shit, mr hpmcq and are were wetting ourselves at the whole shit weekend!

    • hpmcq
      November 26, 2012 / 21:25

      We both seriously had shit weekends!

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