1. July 15, 2012 / 12:00

    Is it just me, but does that rock sticking out of the sea look like my Avi? Obvs without the union jack.

    • hpmcq
      July 15, 2012 / 20:32

      actually i think you might be right! however ronnie would correct you on the jack and say flag as it’s not on a boat and it’s the mast that’s called a jack! corrected oliver on that the other week and he is only 3, god help us!

    • hpmcq
      July 15, 2012 / 20:33

      in lanzarote, it’s a beach which has a green lake called charco de los clicos. beautiful colours from the minerals in the lava.

    • hpmcq
      July 15, 2012 / 20:34

      the layers of lava are amazing you can see through the ages and the eruptions from the different layers of colours.

    • hpmcq
      July 15, 2012 / 20:35

      not this year but another canary island, lanzarote.

  2. July 15, 2012 / 21:52

    I thought it must be the Canaries from the colour of the rocks. Fantastic photo, hope it was a good holiday too.

  3. July 15, 2012 / 23:39

    What amazing colours. Hope you had a lovely time.

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