sizzle sizzle

barbecue’s, don’t you just love ’em? any excuse in our house. absolutely any excuse. doesn’t have to be a good one either! so when we are presented with a weekend where the weather is going to be floating around and abouts 30 degrees, a good friend is up from bristol for a sleepover and the weekend is finished with the bubbles popping over to say hello. a barbecue would be top of the list. so how timely that an email pops into my inbox, with talk of a competition. a barbecue competition. oh yes please, that’s right up the HPMcQs alley. as i said we love a barbecue in this house, we do. so here it is money supermarkets charcoal challenge, the ultimate barbecue for 50 quid. easy peasy lemon squeezy. here we go.


salad crop


potatoes crop


mullet crop

tiger prawns

prawns crop

leg of lamb


eaton mess

eaton mess crop


charcoal £5.00, salad stuff £11.64, potatoes £1.50

4 x grey mullets and 1/2 kilo of tiger prawns £17.50, leg of lamb £7.98,

strawberries £5.50, meringue £1.10, whipping cream £2.00

mmmmm yum. we did go a smidge over, coming in at £52.22, but it was well worth it, what a banging barbecue.

disclosure: we were given £50 by moneysupermarket to spend on our charcoal challenge of our choice. all external links are nofollow in accordance with googles Ts & Cs


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