when you’ve been waiting for summer to arrive

but it’s taking it’s time

but you can’t wait anymore so you go in any way!

pool time

how did eight weeks pass at such speed? i blinked and there it went. we did have a marvellous time though.

we started with two weeks in the sunny canaries. back briefly for our first camping and festival adventure at camp bestival. then i zoomed off of to india for a week for work, then back home and BOOM bank holiday weekend, and what better way to spend the bank holiday but down in rye and camber sands on the east sussex coast.

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stop start stop start stop start. that was pretty much the weather all day long today, and then finally the drizzling nonsense stopped late afternoon, so being slightly cabin crazy (and hangover) we dashed out of the door as quick as quick can be. we headed straight up to the woods on sydenham hill for a spot of fresh air and adventure. the perfect excuse to try out that new camera of mine! yippeeee.

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