whilst sitting on the living room floor this morning making a start on our christmas crackers, you can read how to make those here, my mind wandered off to cutlery and napkins. i was mumbling to myself, when Mr HPMcQ asked what i was babbling on about. “well, i was thinking that maybe instead of napkin rings i could make some little jackets to keep the cutlery and napkin together” he laughed and gave me a squeeze “i love you”

so whilst he popped out to sainsburys, i made some jackets.

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so mr HPMcQ has been poking fun at me this evening, as i have new crafting tools. i am very excited about these and in the next couple of days i am seriously going to get my craft on ready for christmas. watch this space!

guillotine & paper stamps

so carrying on with the craft talk, our christmas crafting purchases have started to arrive, yay! so here we are with our christmas cookie cutters, but will we make cookies…

christmas cookie cutters