just what i need in the run up to christmas is a pop up cake stall right outside work! hmmmm need to keep myself in check before the christmas over indulgence but this kind of behaviour really isn’t helping. look what was on display today! god help me…

lolas cupcake cake

so yesterday our halloween prep started, when mr HPMcQ brought home a pumpkin. we got our carve on. however this just wetted ronnie’s appetite for more halloween preparations and he wanted even more pumpkins, so when he’d gone to bed i popped out and snuck two more into the living room, ready as a surprise in the morning.

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oliver has had a shite week

mega shite

today these arrived at our house with this message

“just remember you’re too good for them! and we think your great!!”

how gorgeous is that

so everything goes quiet

very quiet

and when things go quite, it normally means that mischief is happening

someone, somewhere is being naughty

very very naughty

sorry the clip stops abruptly we were laughing too much

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