at the bottom of a massive piece of graffiti on heneage street just off brick lane by phlegm, there is this little yellow phone box with audrey hepburn inside. i do love the tiny humour of pablo delgado. pure brilliance.
heneage street pablo delgado


so finally the weekend arrives. we missed the opening night due to other commitments, which were no way near as much fun as last night transpired to be, but hey, life goes on. today however, after a super lazy lay in, we trotted down the road to 265 lordship lane. the art house.

i’ve talked about this project both herehere, here, here and here. i shan’t bang on again through fear of boring you, i seem to be quite in love with this project. and this project is far from boring. here are some snaps from the house today. tomorrow 19th may, is the last day the house will be open. so if you can get your backside down there, you will not be disappointed, that is for sure, it is a feast for your eyes.

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