i was on my way through east dulwich today, when i spotted this little beauty on a wall. isn’t he glorious. there was a calling card at the bottom any surface it said. i looked it up when i got home, and it turns out that it is a london based creative agency, which hosts a multi skilled team of artists, designers, painters and illustrators. they create bespoke artwork both commercially and privately. i don’t know who the artist is, but i’m going to find out as i love it. i think it must be the same person of what i spotted the other week too. we have a very large white wall at the front of our house, could we be brave enough? what would the neighbours say?

any surface

save the children christmas jumper day

i know i know i haven’t given you enough warning but did you know that tomorrow is save the children’s christmas jumper day? yes i know fabulous isn’t it.

save the children are calling on all across the country to don their favourite wooly christmas knit of splendor in exchange for a £1 donation (or more) to raise money for its life saving work with children all over the world.

joining in couldn’t be simpler.

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anniversaries are normally a time for celebration. a time of rejoice and happiness. this is nothing to celebrate.

the 15th march 2013 marks a two-year anniversary. two years since the start of the uprising in syria. two years in which the children of syria children have endured appalling suffering. the children’s plight is hidden within this conflict and this needs to end, it HAS to end. we all need to act quickly and we need to act NOW.

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so 15 days after my due date i was summoned to the hospital, 7.30 in the morning we left the house and walked waddled the short distance round the corner to the hospital. once at the hospital i was promptly induced. i had hoped for a water birth and was pleased to hear that the birthing pool was free, however i was never to use it. the gas and air, was hopeless as i experienced minor panic attacks as i found it hard exhale. oliver on the other hand was enjoying it on the sly when no one was looking! i had tried to breathe my way through most of the contractions but i was struggling and getting tired. it was clear that the pethidine was pointless and so after 15 hours of labour i requested an epidural. i was exhausted and i really couldn’t manage the pain by myself anymore. the main problem was that i seemed to be stuck. i had dilated, but i had stopped at 7cm and i wasn’t going anywhere fast. my waters refused to break and it eventually took 3 attempts to break them!

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