so this weeks theme is family

this hangs in our kitchen

in the centre is Mr HPMcQ and I on our wedding day

to the left are the McQ’s, oliver’s parents on their wedding day

to the right are the HP’s, my parents on their wedding day

kind of love this picture

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so this weeks theme is picture postcard

the most amazing building i have ever seen

a true wonder of the world

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so this weeks theme is extreme close up

one day i’ll be a beautiful butterfly, then who’s laughing

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so this weeks theme is colour

a difficult subject for me you might think

considering my profession and that our whole house is white

but i actually do like colour

i just like it against white that’s all

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i’m not from this land(scape)

i came here as a wee whipper snapper

all the way from lands of volcanoes

sounds exotic doesn’t it

guess where??

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