the gruffalo is a big hit in this house, actually that’s an understatement as it’s a huge hit, very much in equal measures from young to old older. what did catch me by surprise is that this year it’s the gruffalo’s 15th anniversary and the gruffalo’s child 10th anniversary, and to celebrate these landmarks the forestry commission are inviting families across the england into a deep dark wood near their home to celebrate.

FC Gruffalo-welcome to our forests (portrait)

from april through to the end of september, families can join mouse on his great adventure and explore the award-winning tale by julia donaldson and axel scheffler, through activity trails in 28 forests across england. from october the trails are then taken over by the gruffalo’s child which will stay in the forests right through the winter and until february 2015. children will be lead on an adventure through the trees by the characters from the stories, learning about woods and forests as they go.

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i’ve popped back and forth to essex a couple of times over the last few weeks. it’s strange seeing the place you grew up, once you’ve grown up is it. everything looks the same but smaller.

on my way home on one of these occasions i cut through the back roads through the woods, for old times sake, when i noticed a sign. it said the gruffalo trail. yes i remember being told about this by a friend and also a blogger, but had swiftly forgotten until that very moment. i came home i googled and prayed for sunshine or at the very least no rain at the weekend so that we could explore the woods of thorndon country park.

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