being four is all about playing games and inventing games. tonight just before bed time ronnie informed me of his new game.

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so this evening, all was normal apart from the sun was shining, i know the sun shining, shhhh, don’t want to jinx it, but it was so bright it almost blinded me. anyway. i arrived at nursery to collect ronnie. he told me about his day and how he was growing dinosaurs in a fish bowl, that he doesn’t like pre-school yogurt and that tomorrow is spots birthday party, not in the nursery room, just in pre-school so he wants to dress as spiderman.

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ronnie : mummy what you doing?

hpmcq : i’m just going to the toilet rooster, won’t be a mo

ronnie : ok you tell me when you finished and i’ll come wipe your bottom

well i guess the easter weekend had to come to an end at some point

we’ve done lots

we watched pirates in 3d, played in the park, wondered when naughty friday is, eaten our body weight in barbecued prawns, make some new artwork for the teapot, drank booze and a little more booze, eaten dinner at the savoy, got home past midnight, spent time with the in-laws and scoffed fabulous amounts of chocolate because we could and it would most certainly be wrong not to.

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