Team Honk Tube Challenge

oh yeah that’s right, your eyes do not deceive you, there is indeed the word TUBE in the title of this post, closely followed by the word CHALLENGE and i can confirm that both words have been written by me.

confused already? well let me tell you all about it.

london underground


you may remember that for the last few years i have taken part in fund-raising events as part of the collective called team honk for both comic relief and sport relief. in these years we have raised well over 80k for both the charities, and this year we would really love to smash through the 100k mark.

in 2013 people climbed mount snowdown, chopped off their hair and rode their bikes for the first time in 25 years.

in 2014 a relay from landsend to john o’groats was held, with events and activities being held along the breadth and length of the country. people ran, cycled, swam, roller skated and scooting across the UK passing the baton from one town to the next. for london with played honkopoly, you can read more here.

in 2015 we were part of a danceathon and we danced for six hours with the likes of rufus hound, emma freud, claudia winkleman, kirsty allsop, daisy lowe and many many more.

for 2016 the overriding theme is #PassTheProud. we want to feel proud of what we have achieved and then pass it on, a little like a virtual relay. each day a different person or a smaller team within the team honk collective will face a fund-raising challenge.

but first things first we needed to set ourselves a challenge, and what a challenge we have.

i’m sure many of you know, i don’t like to use public transport, i will avoid at all costs, it’s not fair to say i dislike public transport, i absolutely DETEST it! so it goes without any question that the worst kind of challenge for me to do would be public transport orientated.

so on monday 14th march, i will (with my other crazy companions liz and sarah) try to break the world record of 15 hours and 45 mins to visit every single underground station in ye olde london town, yep that’s right all 270 of the FEKKERS!

we will be leaving amersham at stupid o’clock in the morning and travelling through the maze that is our beloved underground system right through until the evening.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SPONSOR ME!! you can do it just HERE your money can do great things!

£15 gives 75 Ugandan children with malaria life saving medication

£25 provides a young person in the UK who has faced domestic abuse with a one-to-one counselling session to help them overcome their ordeal.

£50 sends a disadvantaged young person in the UK on a sports coaching course, giving them the skills they need to find work.



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