#teamhonk 04-05.02.13

today in ghana, the most wonderful ladies will be hitting the town. well actually no, not the town but four projects which have the support of comic relief. did you know that the very first red nose day took place an unbelievable 25 years ago tomorrow and to mark this spectacular occasion and the 600m raised, comic relief would like to celebrate the progress in africa and the difference that has been made by the money raised by the british public.

these most wonderful ladies that i speak of are of course the very lovely annie from Mammasaurus, tanya from Mummy Barrow and penny from Alexander Residence. they will be visiting four projects in ghana on 4th and 5th february, to see for firsthand what a difference we the public have made with all the red nose day money that has been raised over the last 25 years. they will be tweeting and blogging live throughout their two-day visit and all they ask is that we join in and help and support where we can and when we can. so if you have a spare moment please tweet or retweet about #teamhonk and about the #goodwork that has been done. write a blog post, share in any which way you can on social media. lets spread the wonderful news of what has been achieved and look forward to how this can be built on going forward.

please follow and show your support for them on the following links

http://teamhonk.org/ grab a badge to show your support here

penny is the alexander residence – @aresidence

annie is mammasaurus.co.uk – @mammasaurusblog

tanya is mummybarrow.com – @mummybarrow

#teamhonk #goodwork

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