so i took the plunge and bought my ticket back in february, it was nerve-wracking just buying the ticket. i very nearly didn’t. i blogged about it just here.

the lovely claire louise over at a boy with aspergers started this great little meme, as a way that all us new bloggers can introduce ourselves. sorry for taking my time to get round to it. all i had to do was list the rules, answer some questions and link it back, shouldn’t have taken me long, but it did. SORRY, please forgive me

so here are the rules :

answer the same questions that i have answered, which were written by claire louise and also answered by her.

really you should tag some more bloggers to do the same but seeing as i’ve taken my time in getting my backside into gear, i think that perhaps everyone may have already been tagged. however if you are reading this and you haven’t been tagged and you are going to britmums live and you fancy it, please just tag yourself.

once all completed please link your meme to the original linky

please remember to mention that the creator of this meme as a boy with aspergers

what’s your blog title/URL and how long have you been blogging?

hello *waves* *dances a bit* i’m HPMcQ and you will find my blog at http://hpmcq.com/. pop over and say hi, i’m friendly and house trained. i set up my blog about a year ago and dabbled a bit here and there, but never published it to anyone. then at the end of november out of nowhere i appeared to develop some kind of foolish bravery and went for it, and started to publish and introducing myself to the big wide world. december 2011 was my first true full month as a blogger.

will BritMums Live be your first blogging conference?

maybe, still dithering about cypher. should stop dithering really.

did you bag yourself a sponsor?

no, i live in ye ole london town, so it’s a hop, skip and a jump north of the river to the venue.

are you attending both days?

i sure am.

what are you most looking forward to about the conference?

finding out how to blog! i don’t consider myself to be a real blogger, i look at other bloggers and think WOW how do they do that? i want to learn how to get that WOW too.

are you wearing branded clothing? (i.e. your sponsor’s brand)

not sure what i’ll be wearing let alone what brand!

what is your planned style for this event?

not to have toddler paw prints anywhere in sight?

are you hoping to be nominated for a BIB award?

well i kind of thought it would be nice, posted a badge and stuff but didn’t expect anything at all. but then last week i was shortlisted, which was all a bit fabaroonie and a huge confidence boost. so thank you all that shortlisted me.

if so, what category?

i’ve been shortlisted in the snap category, look at the snazzy badge below. please feel free to click on it at your leisure and vote me into the next round, if you fancy it that is.

will you be looking to network with brands?

i’m not sure really, i think i’ll just play it by ear and see how the days pan out and if anyone particular catches my eye or i them.

what do you hope to walk away with having gained from the conference?

an actual idea of how to blog all proper like, and get to know what some of the jargon means. meet some more gorgeous bloggers like the lovelies that i met in bristol a few weeks back.

will you be dressing up in the toilets for the friday night BIBs?

i very much doubt it. if it’s been in my bag all day, it’s not gonna look too snazzy by the evening is it, so i think i’ll pass on that.

are you speaking at the conference? If so, when, where, and how do you feel about doing so?

not in an official capacity no, but informally yes, and to lots and lots of others hopefully.

will you be joining in the early morning bloggercise on Saturday?

errrrrr let me think…. nope i will most defiantly be at home drinking tea thanks.

what speakers are you most looking forward to listening to?

pretty much all of them.

what workshops will you be attending on the friday?

i have shortlisted some but keep chaining my mind as i think of more things that i need to learn and discover.

what workshops held on the saturday have grabbed your attention?

same as above

are you booked into a hotel for friday night? If so, which one?

i am a local, so that would be rather extravagant

will you be looking for after party drinks?

a lovely dinner has been organised for the friday night which will no doubt be lots of amusement. i’m going to go with the flow as they say on the saturday, i’m sure many will be slopping off back home, but i can be easily persuaded though.

are you worried about not knowing anyone or being confident and socialising on the day?

it’s going to be a nightmare! a very intimidating thing to even buy a ticket for, let alone walk in and say hiya it’s me HPMcQ! i will know a handful of peeps so i will hunt them down for security!

what are you most likely to be found doing while attending BritMums Live?

filling a large note-book with copious amounts of notes, i’m good at that i do it for a living!

so that’s that. questions completed. see you in june y’all

brit mum kodak competition See you at BritMums Live! 2012


  1. April 2, 2012 / 16:41

    Oh I love your blog and writing style… you hun are very much a “Real” Blogger:) I’m South of the river but staying Friday just for the break and a sleep (and drink of course 😉 ) Thanks for taking part, really love the post. x

    • April 2, 2012 / 17:11

      thank you very much for your lovely comments and thank you for starting a wonderful meme so we can all get a little glimpse of each other before the big event!

    • hpmcq
      May 29, 2012 / 21:42

      you going both days? you coming for dinner on the friday?

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