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bit of a toughie to be tagged in this one. not that i don’t hoard silly amounts of clothes that i just can’t fit into anymore and never will, yes that i do and to my husband’s point, i appear do it very very well. it’s just that it all blooming vacuum packed and squished in to the eves of the top floor that i can’t pull any of the buggers out without fear of bag of clothes exploding on me. and in actually fact whilst rummaging around looking for these vintage threads, oliver promptly reminded me that stuffed right at the back is a suitcase full of coats and when was i going to get rid! NEVER!!!!!!

there were a number of things that jumped straight into my head, all horrific and not what you would normally hear the word vintage associated with, but things for one reason on another i haven’t been able to part with.

1. red kickers from my acid house & hacienda days, dancing around like a loon to voodoo ray ahhhhh ha yeah and mc kinky everything starts with an ……..

2. faded oversized dungarees again from above mentioned acid house days

3. my 1st wedding dress. weird that i still have that. i’m a 2nd time rounder. did my parents proud i did i got married and divorced by the time i was 28. however binning the dress that i married in seems a little wrong. not that it was a proper wedding dress you know, they all looked rather daft on me.

4. vivienne westwood dress which i bought when i worked at liberty is lurking somewhere, but the weeniest size 8 when i was a skinny minnie, living a rather more rock and roll lifestyle than currently. shortly after my parents moved back to spain leaving me the house at the grand old age of 20! consumption of anything inappropriate went up over night and my dress size went considerably down, hence fitting into such a slinking number. and actually not horrific at all.

however none of these can be located so a bit of imagination will be required. however what i do have are two other little treasures which not matter how much badgering, i will never ever get rid of.

1.  my very first little red kicker before the debauched years, tinsy tiny size 19

2. my school satchel from my senior years at the ursuline convent high school, yes i’m a convent girl hence the wayward teens and early twenties. this went through many years of abuse from school right through my twenties and early thirties when the poor chap started to fall apart at the seams

both which i adore and will be part of me and my baggage forever

thanks both to @motherventing for starting the meme and for @fivegoblogging for tagging me. now who to tag next…..





  1. January 9, 2012 / 22:53

    I can’t believe you still have your first shoe? Are there two? Or is it a lone shoe 🙁 Still lovely though even if it is living a solitary existence.
    And as for that satchel, well gorgeous doesn’t cover it x

    • January 10, 2012 / 08:38

      five go blogging

      i’m afraid to say he is a lone shoe 🙁 the other one got stuck in the cement that my grandfather had laid on his new patio!!! oooppppsss

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