you’re not my type – ben eine

ben eine is one of the most renowned and prolific names in british street art. specialising in the art form of typography, his style is easily recognisable not only in the uk but across the world too. his pieces are bold and bright, with the oversized type and styling making his street art unique and slightly abstract.

i have featured his work in shoreditch many a time here on HPMcQ, you can see it here, here oh and here, and until the 8th november you could not only see his work on the streets of london but also in his exhibition ‘you’re not my type’ at the stolen space gallery in shoreditch and perhaps a piece of your own to take home too.

here’s a few snaps from my visit earlier in the week.

ben eine - stolen space

picture speaks a thousand words - ben eine - stolen space

serenity - nothing to lose - pick me up - ben eine - stolen space

this sounds better in the rain - ben eine - stolen space

letters - ben eine - stolen space

the definition of insanity - ben eine - stolen space

you can find stolen space at : 17 osborn street, london, e1 6td

stolen space gallery

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