sunday selection

on sunday we made our second attempt to go east, we were somewhat hindered by idiot football fans on the saturday. annnnnyway. we made it. we had a couple of places to get to and on the way we took ronnie round some of the streets of shoreditch to take in some street art. as usual i snapped away, but this time ronnie has picked his favourites of the morning.

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fresh flower workshop

with a flurry of 40th birthdays winging their way from all directions, trying to find special individual gifts for your besties can be a tall order. i’ve known claudine for 22 years now and in 22 years you’ve pretty much covered every gift known to mankind. what was i going to get her?  not a scooby. until i spotted a tweet

and there you have it, bingo.

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365 11.10.14

sadly last week Mr HPMcQs scooter finally bit the dust

after 14 faithful years they said their goodbyes

today my scoot came out of hiding

to see if he could step into the shoes of the main man

oh he is handsome don’t you think?

i haven’t ridden him since 2008, the year that rooster was born

started first time

what a happy moment, me and my scoot

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