whipsnade zoo

last week we pottered off to whipsnade zoo. when i say we i mean me, rooster and Mr HPMcQ with a whole heap of other bloggers and their kiddies too. a grand total of 6 bloggers damson lane, mammasaurus, actually mummy, cheetahs in my shoes & being mrs c and our 10 children and one Mr HPMcQ. it was also Mr HPMcQs birthday.

it was a glorious day in many ways, the sun was shining, the children played really nicely together and a great group of what were online friends cemented their real life friendships further. they also sang Mr HPMcQ happy birthday and served him cake what else could any man want.

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piñata piñata

this week saw Mr HPMcQ get one year older and what a day it was!

ronnie and i decided to bake him a cake. we spied a snazzy piñata one on pinterest and thought we would go about making one ourselves.

for the cake it self i was after a chocolate sponge that was not dry, as i’ve not quite found one that i’m totally happy with. i was pointed in the direction of this chocolate fudge cake on the crazy kitchen blog. i modified it slightly to make three sponges for the piñata version.

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365 13.04.14

i was pulling together some nibbles for a snacky picky lunch, setting them out on the kitchen table. “mummy i have a better idea” there were shuffles in the living room and then all the food from the kitchen disappeared. i followed the silence to find that ronnie’s better idea was a picnic in the garden. what a glorious idea.


365 12.04.14

what a day. i’d tell you about it but right now i’d rather just forget. to put it this way the day didn’t quite pan out the way we wanted it too. but you know, life goes on.

to help forget we trotted down the road for some late lunch. on route we stumbled across these which ronnie thought might come in handy whilst we are carless and now that i’m no longer 30 something. cheeky monkey.

basket wheelie

better photo project week fifteen

so ronnie will be over the moon that this weeks homework will with no question of a doubt include him!

this weeks better photo project annie shares tips about photographing happy children. this can be super hard, if your that poor small, that is continuously followed around by a phone camera and then is over joyed that mummy then bought a camera, it’s not massively smile inducing! poor ronnie.

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