the petronas twin towers

it seems an absolute age ago that was i very very briefly in kuala lumpur, or KL as some like to say. it was indeed a fleeting visit at just over 48 hours, but with an hour to spare before we had to head back to the airport for back on our flight home we zoomed over and up the petronas twin towers that were just in front of our hotel.

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shoreditch street art – june 2015

june kicks off a lot of blogging events. some of which i have been to before, some of which i wish i had gone to but couldn’t. next year i tell myself, next year. this year however i decided that i wouldn’t attend one that i have for a few years now but still take some time out to wander around the wondrous streets of shoreditch catching up on what has happened to the vibrant walls over the last couple of months. this totally included a sit down with a glass of prosecco at the end of it, with some wonderful blogging friends who had attended the event.

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street art, fine art, book art

yesterday evening i attended a book launch at the pace gallery in soho. street art, book art. it is the follow-up book to street art, fine art, which was published in 2014 documenting the extraordinary dulwich outdoor street art gallery. 15 of the original street artists that took part in the project with ingrid beazly, were given copies of the book with blank white covers. they were left to their own devises.

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on our way home from denzili, we stopped in istanbul. a very fleeting visit, but a few hours to get inspired by the rich colour, pattern and architecture to be found all over the city.

i had never been to instanbul before, but i sure know i’ll be back. such a wonderful place, so much to discover.

we had only hours, in reality you need days weeks years!

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