hiding in the trees

we went on an adventure amongst the trees, we weren’t expecting dinosaurs!

ok ok maybe we were

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holkham hall

the home of the earl and countess of leicester. a palladian hall conceived by thomas coke in 1750. holkham is privately owned and the coke family have lived in the estate since the hall was built by their ancestor.

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charles hocking house

charles hocking house was built-in acton in 1969 with the aim of providing affordable housing for families in the area. the building is now condemned to be demolished with luxury apartments to be built-in it’s place.

a few weeks back the street artist stik completed a 125ft tall mural running the whole height of charles hocking house. it is the tallest piece of street art in the uk, with an aim at raising awareness about the lack of social housing in the area.

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crafty christmas – father christmas cutlery jackets

whilst sitting on the living room floor this morning making a start on our christmas crackers, you can read how to make those here, my mind wandered off to cutlery and napkins. i was mumbling to myself, when Mr HPMcQ asked what i was babbling on about. “well, i was thinking that maybe instead of napkin rings i could make some little jackets to keep the cutlery and napkin together” he laughed and gave me a squeeze “i love you”

so whilst he popped out to sainsburys, i made some jackets.

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camp bestival goes wild!

so last year the HPMcQ’s popped their camping cherries. many of you might say “that wasn’t camping!” but i don’t care, that was as good as it gets for me and we had a ball, actually we had a spectacularly marvellous time. you can read about this years adventures here. but would we do it again i hear you say?



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