sensing spaces

the royal academy of arts challenged seven architects from six countries to awaken the sensibilities of the galleries space around them, sensing spaces. to use the space of the gallery to explore the experimental qualities that are found within architecture. in galleries where the norm is for artwork to hang from the walls, to challenge the galleries to a different experience of space, proportion and light. architecture reimagined.

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the tunnel

the tunnel is just by waterloo station, around 300 meters long, also known as leake street or banksy’s tunnel. it used to be a route for through vehicles when the eurostar was based at waterloo. however when this moved to st pancras it was closed for pedestrian use only in 2008. in the may of this year banksy organised two “cans festivals” one in may and one in august. the walls were decorated high and low with graffiti.

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hms belfast

we headed down to the south bank the other weekend for a very different reason to visiting hms belfast. we were in the hood to see the paul smith exhibition, which was most excellent. afterwards as we strolled along the river, ronnie saw the huge battleship up close for the first time and was really taken with it, so we hoped on board and this is what we found.

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without paul smith i’d just be HP

if you didn’t know HPMcQ are the initials of my surnames. yes yes not content with just the one, i have three. i’ve always had two, the H and the P are my very own and the McQ i acquired when i married Mr HPMcQ. but why would i just be HP without paul smith? well let me tell you.

i grew up in essex, a friend of mine from essex went to work in the paul smith buying office. a friend of both of ours then met a girl through our friend and she worked at paul smith too. actually she was paul smiths PA. we became very good friends and most fridays we would all meet up for drinks and chaos. through these friends at paul smith i met lots of other creative people at paul smith and we all became very good friends.

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the southbank

we went exploring on saturday. we had tickets to see the paul smith exhibition at the design museum on the south bank of the thames. after this there was no plan. so we wandered, we fooled around, we stopped for lunch, we snooped around on a battleship. here are just a few snaps that we took along the way. more to follow in posts about the exhibition and the battleship hms belfast.

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raspberry swiss roll

what a wonderfully gloriously sunny weekend. the start of spring has well and truly sprung. so what should you do when the sun comes out in the uk? well have a BBQ of course!

deciding what to have on the BBQ was easy peasey, leg of lamb of course, but what for dessert?? i asked Mr HPMcQ what he fancied and he rather surprised me with “actually i quite fancy a swiss roll”

ah never made one of those, hey ho there’s always a first time, so lets go with a raspberry one!

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petts wood

on sunday we went for lunch at Mr HPMcQ’s aunts house. she lives just a hop skip and a jump away from us. the sun had been shinning all weekend and we were busting to get out in the spring air. after filling our bellies full of roast chicken with all the bits and bobs that go with and filling that last little gap with a generous slice of berry pavlova we headed to the woods for a squelch and a potter in the woods, petts wood.

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my favourite parks – victoria park – the people’s park

last week i posted about my favourite streets and how i discovered the synchronicity between their history and what became my future, this got me reminiscing more about the time when i first came to live in the uk and spent my days exploring the east end of london with my nanny minnie.

today i take you to victoria park. this park is part of the bank of my first memories of living in the uk, living in london. nanny minnie grew up round here this was her “manor” as such. when we first moved to the uk, both my parents worked full-time, saving hard to get a deposit to buy our first home. nanny minnie gave up her job so that she could care for me whilst they were at work. she would take me everywhere with her, the east end of london became my playground.

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my favourite streets – the huguenots

a little while back i showed you the doors of the houses on some of my favourite streets of london town. if you missed that post you can see it just here. you see i know the streets of east end of london very well, as my father grew up in the neighbour hood and all of his side of the family all lived in the area too. when we first moved to england we too lived in the east end and a lot of my fist memories of england are from adventures around that part of town.

there are a couple of places that really stand out for me, and one of these are streets between brick lane and spitalfileds market.

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saturday shoreditch stroll

we had spent the earlier part of our day pottering in and around the barbican. but after standing in one too many queues, for far too long, we decided to retreat and head east for a walk amongst the streets of shoreditch, followed by some delicious lunch and some ping-pong action at shoreditch house. below you will see some wonderful street art that we took in along our way, on our saturday shoreditch stroll. stunning as always, these artists are so damn clever. i really want to have a go!

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big blog love

when i started this little ‘ol blog of mine, i didn’t really know what to do or why i was doing it. i was inspired to do something that’s for sure and i just let things take their course, until i found what my groove might or might not be, but most importantly what i was really comfortable with and made me happy.

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