after taking nanny minnie her shopping today, i quickly popped over to a shop on columbia road to investigate a potential shopping opportunity!

however i became quite distracted by the doors, particularly their knockers! you see i have mostly visited columbia road on a sunday when the flower market is in full bloom, and it is heaving. you don’t get to really see the doors, let alone their knockers :)

so pretty and so very different from one another. i hope you enjoy as much as i did.

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a day with sage

so let me get things started on the right foot, Mr HPMcQ does most of the cooking in the house, i am better at DIY he is better at cooking. his cooking surpasses my cooking on many many levels, so why fight it, let the man cook. so when we were invited by sage to spend the day trying out many of their wonderous gadgets it was best i took Mr HPMcQ along because he would know what they were talking about and in fairness he was really really excited about playing with the new pressure cooker. ‘i’ve not used a pressure cooker before’ he exclaimed with a slight squeal. i know, each to their own!

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hackney wick street art – october 2015

this week one of my journeys too me east, hackney wick east. i bit of a nothing part of the east end of london, a place of change though and gentrification. the gateway to the olympic park and historically the boundary between middlesex and essex. where the river lea, the lee navigation and the hertford union canal meet at the hackney cut.

a place where old meets new, a place of colour and street art too.

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home – remi rough

remi rough was born in south-east london, where he has lived and worked in the city ever since. he happens to be a local in my neighbourhood too. ooooooo. he is a leading figure within th new movement of urban modernist painter (graffuturists/graffuturism) who have adopted the theories and practices of the modern masters that preceeded them.

his current exhibition ‘home’ at scream gallery, alludes to london itself and is a return home for the artist – the first solo exhibition of new since 2009. the exhibition runs until the 3rd november.

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