kano – the HPMcQs learn to code

well that was fun!

today we finally got to open our box of orange computer goodness. we were sent it from the good people at kano and we’ve had it for a week or so, but we wanted to save it for the easter holidays when we could give it our total and undivided attention. now i’m not a¬†particularly techy kinda girl, the fact that i manage to upload photos to this blog is pretty impressive¬†for me to be fair.

i don’t understand computer talk, it totally baffles me. tell me how to do stuff in simple terms, great, i’m good to go, start telling me about processors, storage and solid state drives then you have lost me. yes that does mean you Mr HPMcQ.

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shoreditch march discoveries

march took me back to shoreditch, in a little bit of a panic as i had lost my favourite pen and needed an urgent replacement from labour & wait. first world problems i know. but i do like a good pen. whilst eastside i took a little wonder, rude not too really, and this is what i discovered.

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revisiting romania: dress and identity

now you know how much i love textiles, so i thought i would share these beautifully hand embroidered pieces of romanian clothing from the current exhibition revisiting romania: dress and identity at the horniman museum in forest hill, london.

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shoreditch january street art walk

hadn’t had a little wander around shoreditch since before christmas, been a bit busy with christmas, new year and travelling for work. so it was nice the other morning to get into town too early for the shops to be open and have a look to what’s been going on in the area. the ever changing canvas of shoreditch.

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out in the middle on nowhere, somewhere near jaipur in india but far from home, there is a small town that still prints with mud and then indigo dyes the fabric. not many people left doing this trade, not many at all. let me introduce you to some of them.

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