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this blog is my personal blog which written and edited by me HPMcQ. all views and opinions on HPMcQ are 100% my own unless otherwise stated

i don’t accept any paid guest posts, sponsored posts, paid topic insertions and i also don’t offer any space for advertising. sorry

any reviews that i have posted are purely personal or something that as family HPMcQ we have enjoyed and have cared to share

saying this i would be happy to consider the occasional request to review a product or service, but only if i think it is relevant to HPMcQ or the HPMcQ family. anything that is received would never influence the content, and i will always review honestly. if anything that has been agreed to be reviewed then turns out that is not to my liking, i would rather advise that i will not be posting a review about the product, service, travel or event, than post a negative review. of course if it is mainly all good, i will post with a mention to the downsides. unless agreed in advance anything that i accept for review will be kept and i will dispose of at my own discretion.

i welcome all to comments on my blog, that’s part of all the fun. however if anything offensive is posted it will either not be published or to the offensive words will be removed without any prior notice

other things


thank you to all that voted for me in 2012. i had only been blogging in a semi serious way for a couple of months so it was very overwhelming when to my HUGE surprise i was shortlisted twice for photography for both the BiBs & The Mads 2012. and then again in 2013, 2014 & 2015 you voted for me, again for photography for both the BiBs & The Mads . i thank you muchly. you are all very very kind.

thank you thank you THANK YOU

charming things

a lovely lady at sainsburys called suzy reviewed this very blog as part of a collection of family bloggers and she said very kind things and listed me under magical mummy blogs. how gorgeous is that!

this is what she had to say:

readers of HPMcQ will be familiar with the witty style and fun lists of music – you’ve got to love happy mondays – and captioned photos. new readers will giggle at mischief caught in the act, melt when little ronnie falls in love and weep at the cutest new school shoes. with a fascinating and successful career, and a beautiful family to match, vanessa is the perfect blog host.


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