camp bestival – sunday slowdown

day 3 – sunday

so saturday was a little crazy. much fun but crazy. we were all rather sleepy, so we decided why break with what was quickly becoming camping tradition and have a lie in. the day was looking good the sun was in the sky and we had a day of chas and dave, jousting and fireworks ahead of us.

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camp bestival – saturday shenanigans

day 3 – saturday

after the shell shock of the friday, we were ready for action on saturday. well we were until we opened our eyes and we heard the rain beating down on the tent. we tentatively opened the front of the tent, and yep, it was absolutely and relentlessly pouring it down, by the bucket load and then a bit more. i won’t lie, i thought oh shit now what…

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camp bestival – friday fun

day 2 – friday

so here we go!!! the first day of the festival for real. not much of a lay in, as tents are quite bright in the morning. we lazed for a bit, cooked some breakfast on our stove and for the rest of the day we didn’t really have any plans yet. so we went out in search of a programme to see what the weekend timings would bring. to be honest we spent most of friday wandering the castle filed, the kids garden & the magic meadow and wondering what to do! not even knowing where to start, there was so much to do, so much to choose from, i think we might have been in a little bit of shock!

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return of the rude boy

after a little wonder around st pauls and a spot of lunch at barbecoa, we jumped on the number 23 bus down the strand and jumped off just by somerset house. we had been meaning to go for a number of weeks now, but with holidays, camping and me travelling for work, we hadn’t had a weekend free. so with a couple of hours free we were keen to catch the return of the rude boy exhibition at somerset house. with a big love of two-tone, ska and mod music in the HPMcQ house hold, this small curated exhibition by dean chalkley and harris elliott, showcasing the 21st century rudie didn’t disappoint. but you must hurry if you fancy going it finishes on the 25th august, and in the mean time here are some of my favs.

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