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love is most definitely alive. yes indeed the hosts with, ‘their declared’ the mosts safely strapped in, are back to take control of camp bestival to make sure the fiesta proceedings move along as smooth & hilariously horny as they only know how.born of the loins of seventies havana, nurtured on a diet of soulful, sexy tunes and inspired by cuban historical fact and mythology – their fresh approach to live entertainment whips up a frenzy at every gig.their legendary performance combines music, which evolves with every show, riotous comedy, both physical and observational, and sensational dancing – consequently the energy at every show is incredible. if you’ve been to camp bestival before then the chances are you caught one of their shows or bumped into them around the site, but what do we really know about them? who are los hermanos cubanos?

miguel mantovani: the cuban legend/ impresario has found fame and dirty fortune by exploiting himself and others in the seedy world of entertainment and pornography. he has indulged in dark mobster indiscretions, political and sexual controversy and has a myriad of bad boy tales to tell. he has also been one of cuba’s most notorious performers and club owners. his dark and mysterious past provides much of the anecdotal references that gel the show together and link in the key characters.miguel is ‘50 something’ but is still as sharp and cocksure as ever. now he embarks on a globe trotting adventure taking his eccentric performing family, the cuban brothers, on the road. he is a loveable rogue but is fundamentally ‘wrong’ – and leads the cuban brothers into a world of fast paced mayhem and high profile debauchery.the dynamic between the main characters miguel and archerio is electric – a father / son (actually nephew) combo their relationship is often a power struggle which translates into hilarious, highly physical conjecture. miguel is the uncle and pack leader and the highly spirited nephew archerio represents his own failings and his hopes and dreams simultaneously.

archerio mantovani: archerio is miguel’s protégé and graduate of the havana school of arts – a talented and inspired side kick who’s elevation from cuban street performer to star has further secured miguel’s international acclaim and notoriety.under his uncle’s genuine but slightly misguided direction archerio has become an understated and brilliant star – his innocence and naivety provides a quality that contrasts well with miguel’s uber – confidence. miguel keeps him in his place hierarchically – he is the ‘original’ talent and has an ego to warrant it –  miguel, also has provided the stage for this talent to develop and both of them, in different ways, have capitalised on the success of their union. their relationship is loving and competitive providing testosterone charged, exhilarating physical performance and slick slapstick banter.

kengo san: the japanese love child of miguel mantovani. this cubano freestyle dance champ was sired inadvertently by miguel on his national service with the cubano merchant navy in 1978. martial arts specialist and habanero school of performing arse graduate, kengo loves women and food in equal amounts. hajime!!

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