we popped into town this evening, just for a wander around to see the lights. couldn’t help but to pass by my favourite place.

liberty of london

i was on my way through east dulwich today, when i spotted this little beauty on a wall. isn’t he glorious. there was a calling card at the bottom any surface it said. i looked it up when i got home, and it turns out that it is a london based creative agency, which hosts a multi skilled team of artists, designers, painters and illustrators. they create bespoke artwork both commercially and privately. i don’t know who the artist is, but i’m going to find out as i love it. i think it must be the same person of what i spotted the other week too. we have a very large white wall at the front of our house, could we be brave enough? what would the neighbours say?

any surface

what a beautiful day. not only was it the last day of work for me before christmas and i don’t go back until the 6th of january! *punches the air* *wiggles bottom* but check out the glorious sunshine that covered london town. it was glorious. so this lunch time, i took a rare stroll down to kensington gardens and sat by the pond for just a short time. it was lovely. these were my mates for the brief 20 minutes that i sat by the pond.

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something rather special happened today

ronnie received a christmas card from the actual north pole from the actual santa

how excited is this little face

the day a christmas card from santa arrivedthank you santa (aka tired mummy of two)

in the little part of london where we live, there is a lovely little tradition that has been happening for quite some time. we have been enjoying this tradition for the last 7 years that we have lived here. however this year it was just that tiny bit more special than it has been previously for us. you see this is what happens. the last wednesday before christmas the salvation army come along and set up shop just outside our front door. all the neighbours come out to play and with us we bring mince pies and mulled wine. we wrap up warm in the cold night and for an hour we sing christmas carols.

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