this morning i left home, dropped ronnie at breakfast club and headed into work. pretty normal day so far. then about ten minutes down the road the traffic started to slow and slow and then it just stopped. for the next two hours i sat in traffic. just sat there, no moving to be had, nope not an inch. burst water main apparently. for a whole 45 minutes i sat in my car, engine off catching up on work emails. this church was my view.

st matthews church

i’m afraid folks, this rain is all my fault. i dared to think that spring was on its way. i thought this thought only for a split moment. i spied some crocus tips come through the lawn, they made me smile and the thought of the days getting longer and warmer entered my mind.

so then it rained

sorry my bad

i bought some white tulips to recover from the cold dreary rain

white tulips

now for those that know me personally

this photo might take you by surprise

down on the tube