366 20.01.12

we have had this orchid since we moved here nearly 6 years ago, it was a moving in gift.

it has been in constant bloom pretty much the whole time, until we went on holiday 5 months ago and left oliver’s mum in charge. it had no flowers by the time we came home. *weeps* we have since been paying it a lot of love and attention since and this evening i have come home to find it in bloom. how pleasing.

366 14.01.12

today i went into the bathroom the comb my hair and brush my teeth

i took one look in the mirror and thought jeez woman sort ya barnet out

so i did, there and then

not sure whether it was being daft or brave

i combed my wet hair forward, tilted my head down and cut it

a good 5-6″ to boot

then i sectioned off the back, pulled that straight up and snipped another 2-3″

luckily i think i got away with it!