what a wonderfully gloriously sunny weekend. the start of spring has well and truly sprung. so what should you do when the sun comes out in the uk? well have a BBQ of course!

deciding what to have on the BBQ was easy peasey, leg of lamb of course, but what for dessert?? i asked Mr HPMcQ what he fancied and he rather surprised me with “actually i quite fancy a swiss roll”

ah never made one of those, hey ho there’s always a first time, so lets go with a raspberry one!

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december is quickly whizzing by and before we know it school will be out for the christmas holidays and then the fun really does begin!

but what about christmas gifts? well this year we are going to cook up a cookie treat. we baked these last year and they didn’t last very long at all, so we are going to make gift bags for the teachers this year full of yummy cookies.

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