boy did i get my bake on today

a gluten-free carrot cake ready for the in-laws tomorrow


carrot cake

who thought baking a cake would be so stressful

i thought alfies mr happy was stressful until i made ronnie a  batman one

then for some strange reason i thought making an elsa one for hollys second birthday

would be a breeze. it wasn’t. don’t look too close!


just what i need in the run up to christmas is a pop up cake stall right outside work! hmmmm need to keep myself in check before the christmas over indulgence but this kind of behaviour really isn’t helping. look what was on display today! god help me…

lolas cupcake cake

yay we had great news today

Mr HPMcQ has a new job

which is most exciting and most pleasing too

so we celebrated with cakes from gails bakery

nom nom

now which one shall i have…

gails bakery