tonight i was on tv

this is me on tv on my tv

they didn’t have space for my full name he he!

what a strange day

itv crew rocked up at 7am

filmed us getting ready for nursery and work

jumped in the car with me and rooster to nursery

came with me to work, we nattered all the way

caused mild hysteria in the work car park

met me back at the nursery for pick up

came home with us and filmed our evening

sat us down and asked us lots about


being working parents

maternity leave

probable be edited down to 1 minute!

meet harriet and catherine

so last week i delved into my coat pocket to be starkly reminded of what our child care costs amount to each month. OUCH. i spoke on the radio about it and the lovely people at LBC fell over in shock. it is indeed more than our mortgage.

today in the press and on the news there were numerous articles/reports on how nursery costs are rising by nearly 6%, and that fewer families are now getting any help at all with these, following the childcare tax credit cuts back in april.

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the hot topic this week is all about mothers, working and what that all costs. weirdly on tuesday i pulled a piece of paper from my pocket to find OUCH. the very next day i received a call from LBC radio to chat to nick ferrari about childcare costs in the uk capital and what impact this is having on london families. two days later i get tagged in a meme, a mothers working meme to be precise. tagged by the daily mum and started by pret a mummy (bargain mummy) and spooky.

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