crafty christmas – father christmas cutlery jackets

whilst sitting on the living room floor this morning making a start on our christmas crackers, you can read how to make those here, my mind wandered off to cutlery and napkins. i was mumbling to myself, when Mr HPMcQ asked what i was babbling on about. “well, i was thinking that maybe instead of napkin rings i could make some little jackets to keep the cutlery and napkin together” he laughed and gave me a squeeze “i love you”

so whilst he popped out to sainsburys, i made some jackets.

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crafty christmas – snowmen paper plate bunting

yay it’s december! if your household has a 6-year-old like ours, then you have probably been on count down since halloween. how many days mummy?

so we have buckled, and the tree has gone up and the christmas craft has begun!

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big city lights

with just 3 sleeps to go, the excitement levels in the HPMcQ household were starting to reach a high. we had been having a really lazy sunday. it was gloomy and cold outside, and gloomy and cold and i don’t get on much. so we stayed cosied up in our jim jams watching movies until gone mid-day! absolute heaven.

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WIN! a gift box of candles from the white company

it’s no lie, i am a big fan of candles. not everyone’s bag, but i do enjoy a candle or two. many many moons ago i used to buy candles for a living for a well-known retailer. it was most enjoyable.

there are many things that i love about candles the gentle light and the scent that drifts and lingers in the air.

scent is a very personal choice, and the quality of the scent is all down to the quality of the fragrance and the wax used to create the perfect balance. the quality of the wax and the wicks ensure the perfect burn.

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tickets please! WIN a gorgeous london bus from the white company

there are many things that stand out as very british, the union jack, big ben (or is that elizabeth tower now?), the bulldog, the bacon butty, the cup of tea, the underground, fish and chips, the queen, wimbledon, the BBC, a roast dinner, the weather, pubs, strawberries and cream, the beatles, the tower of london, black cabs, red post boxes, crumpets! this could go on and on. however there is one thing that is missing from this brief list and that is the first thing mi abuela (my grandmother) wanted to see and go on the first and only time she came to visit the great british isles.

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WIN! a fabulous red ride on car with love from the white company

my my how this year has whizzed past, can you believe we are very much nearly at the end of 2013, quite shocking isn’t it? well we are! no doubt christmas lists have already been written by many children and adults alike, shopping may or may not have commenced, and hidden away in the back of cupboards and under the stairs. menus are being pulled together for fabulous festive dinners and treats and goodies are being stashed away in the larder for the whole family to enjoy together over this special time of year.

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fondest festive childhood memory

one christmas my parents spent quite a lot of the morning being quite concerned that i hadn’t gone to the toilet. it was pretty much beyond a joke. i mean it’s very well-known fact that i don’t go to the toilet much, i have a bit of an issue with toilets you see, oh and toilet rolls, and it’s got worse with age and the travelling i do for work. however, that’s another post all together. so back to christmas day and back to my parents whom are pretty much banging on at me at every opportune moment.

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