before i ever came to new york, i always had cagney and lacey in my mind. you remember don’t you? all that hustle and bustle, everyone being busy busy busy, rushing here there and everywhere. well the thing is the first time i came to new york i didn’t see this. i found i actually found it incredibly peaceful. yes there are loads of people, but the side walks are wide, so there’s no pushing and shoving. the roads are full to the brim of traffic, but again the roads are wide and the cars are so very quiet. weirdly quite. everything and everyone moves around in a peaceful calm. for me new york has always been about walking, up and down the blocks, uptown to downtown, westside to eastside. i absolutely adore walking through the streets.

on walking through these streets i took some snap shots of the different kinds of vehicles that passed me by, in silence of course.

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