it’s been a long six days so far. i picked rooster up from school on tuesday to find him slumped over a desk, looking very sorry for himself. he had a temperature and just wanted a cuddle. oh and pizza. apparently pizza would make it all better mummy. i scooped him up and off we went. school was a no go the following day with his temperature hitting 40.4. but he was eating well and as long as the cuddles were coming a good rate he was happy. a trip to doc’s and suggested perhaps a chest infection, prescribed antibiotics, but to keep an eye on him and if no improvement by saturday then to give them to him. well by thursday i had started to feel a little rough around the edges, by thursday night it was more than the edges that felt rough. and by friday morning we had a full house. all of us were down. casa HPMcQ had the full on lurgy. this picture perfectly visualizes exactly how i feel.

rough around the edges