building site part 1

right in between old street and shoreditch, there is the most enormous building site. totally surrounded by boards hiding and protecting us all from whats going on behind. however the outside for the time being is far more interesting, as the street artists have been in full swing covering every square inch.

you can find this building site within boundaries of leonard street, blackall street, willow street, ravey street and great eastern street. but in the meantime marvel and some of these. i’m going to split artworks between a part 1 and part 2, as there’s so much to see.

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365 19.11.14

today i stumbled across this handsome little fella. i had no idea what he was, other than a snazzy looking paddington. then i came home and googled him and discovered that in london right now there is a paddington trail all the way up to 30th december. it’s to celebrate the arrival of “paddington” in cinemas on 28 November.

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the stick man – review

sitck man lives in the family tree

with his stick lady love

and their stick children three…

an intro to a book we have read many many times, and am pretty confident we will read many many times more still. julia donaldson and axel scheffler created this master piece, you may recognise their names from the gruffalo stories too. however this is not a review of the book, oh no, this is for the live show that has been very cleverly adapted from the book by the rather clever and wonderful people from the award wining scamp theatre.

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east meets west : bringing down the wall | day three

all finished, tah dah

isn’t it absolutely glorious

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east meets west : bringing down the wall | day two

on the south side of belgrave square is where the former east german embassy used to be. today it was being decorated in beautiful bright colours. day two of bringing down the wall.

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east meets west : bringing down the wall | day one

on the 13th august 1961, the german democratic republic of east germany, started to build a wall that completely cut off the land between west and east berlin. this barrier was constructed of large prefabricated concrete blocks, that fitted together piece by piece. the wall was surrounded by anti-vehicle trenches and the 96 mile long wall was peppered with many many guard towers. the eastern block had claimed that this wall had been constructed to protect its population from any fascist elements and influences. however in reality it prevented any emigration or defection.

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