what a day. i’d tell you about it but right now i’d rather just forget. to put it this way the day didn’t quite pan out the way we wanted it too. but you know, life goes on.

to help forget we trotted down the road for some late lunch. on route we stumbled across these which ronnie thought might come in handy whilst we are carless and now that i’m no longer 30 something. cheeky monkey.

basket wheelie

i was on my way through east dulwich today, when i spotted this little beauty on a wall. isn’t he glorious. there was a calling card at the bottom any surface it said. i looked it up when i got home, and it turns out that it is a london based creative agency, which hosts a multi skilled team of artists, designers, painters and illustrators. they create bespoke artwork both commercially and privately. i don’t know who the artist is, but i’m going to find out as i love it. i think it must be the same person of what i spotted the other week too. we have a very large white wall at the front of our house, could we be brave enough? what would the neighbours say?

any surface

living in a big city, doesn’t give you the biggest opportunity to get out into country as much as perhaps you would like to. however saying that, a lot of the country seems to be sneaking its way into town more and more. which is a good thing, a very good thing. traditions like the weekend farmers market seem to be popping up in all the boroughs of ye olde london town. the del trotter type of market of only fools and horses fame, seem to be slowing fading away and making room for markets which have a far stronger focus of good quality locally grown fruit, veg and other foodie delights. all of this sitting along side small creative design businesses, vintage furniture, and bric-a-brac for thrifty and restorative types.

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