so what i wasn’t expecting what was the rollercoaster of emotions that i experienced today. i was banking on it all hitting me on monday, but not today, today is friday, 3 more days to go before everything gets all emotional surely? you see monday is ronnies first day at big school. we have the shoes, the shorts, the polo shirt and the blazer. we are all prepared and ready to rock and roll. well as groovy as it gets when your nearly 4. but then totally out of the blue at 7.30am this morning i’m blubbing like a a baby. and the trigger? ronnie of course, and do you know what he said? “mummy is this my last day at nursery?” cue lumpiest of lumpy throats and inability to speak, as the tears start rolling down my cheeks “yes ronnie it’s your last day” i manage to get out eventually. “and then i go to big school?” cue tears bursting out of my eyeballs like georgie pig “yes ronnie and then on monday you go to big school” “am i now a big boy mummy?” i barely can say yes as i’m mildly hysterical at this point!

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