friends are odd things aren’t they? i have a fairly varied bunch of friends, all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life, not one is the same as the other. the most amazing thing i find about friends are the ones where absolute no effort is needed. i mean that in the nicest of ways of course, not in a can’t be arse kind of way.

today i met up with a friend from my school days. we hadn’t probably seen each other in over 11 maybe 12 years. so much has happened in both our lives in that time, and then today we introduced our families to one another. it was great, it was easy, it was like i had only seen her last week. that is what i mean by no effort. it just fits. she is CGM and i’m HPMcQ. we don’t have anything to prove to one another, i think we just love each other for being who we are. i love that.

a couple of weeks back i went to britmums. full of lots of people who i have chatted to a million times on twitter, on my blog and on theirs too. there’s a handful that i get that very same feeling from, it’s just easy. we know each other, but we don’t really. some i was meeting for the 2nd time, some for the first. there’s one particular lady, who for some odd reason i always get the feeling that we were meant to meet, or that perhaps we knew each other before. it’s strange i can’t explain it but it’s easy and simple, no-nonsense. i love that.

a while back i cut a couple of high maintenance friends & family out of my life. at the time it seemed like a massive decision, however the difference is immense.  i like that a lot.